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30A Farmers Market

Those that plan a getaway to Florida’s beautiful and inspiring 30A frequently have plenty of activities to check off on their to-do list. Whether you’re excited to go boating, snorkeling, swimming, or sunbathing, the great outdoors beckons and the warm weather leads the way to fun. For those with a passion for architecture, 30A offers up plenty of places to indulge in unique designs. It’s even a space where you can restaurant-hop your way through a new destination every day, indulging in the many flavors that define this area. No matter what your travel plans entail, when the week comes to a close, it’s worth taking time to explore the 30A Farmers Market. This iconic Sunday stop is a chance to relax, browse local goods, and enjoy being a part of an authentic 30A experience.

A Favorite Sunday Stop

The Florida Farmers Market is located at 28 N. Barrett Square in Rosemary Beach and is open every Sunday of the year between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm. Situated within an inviting park setting complete with cobblestone streets, central fountains, and shade trees, the 30A Farmers Market offers up a warm, welcoming, and local feeling that’s easy to settle into. Visitors come in droves each week to wander the pathways and browse the many booths that are set up by local vendors. While the options are many, the atmosphere is decidedly quaint, bringing guests back time and again to enjoy the jovial setting.

Local Vendors at the 30A Farmers Market

The weekly 30A Farmers Market is fun for visitors but also an incredible opportunity for local farmers, crafters, and bakers to share their goods and wares with a wide audience. Those that are visiting the Farmers Market for food products will find a vast array of options on display from cheeses, honey, maple syrup, and eggs to vegetables, broths, seafood options, and meats. If you’re just looking at fruits and vegetables but more in the market for home products or apparel, this farmers market also hosts booths displaying the best of handcrafted goods and clothing.

A Place to Enjoy the View

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