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Sundog Books

Having an amazing trip to Florida’s scenic 30A isn’t hard to do. This beautiful and inviting locale is a fan-favorite amongst those travelers that find their sense of well-being when settled into chalk-white sands, soaking up the endless sunshine and indulging in blue waves nearby. Between the hiking, biking, and opportunities for exploring State Parks, 30A has it all for those with a heart for the great outdoors. It’s also a place dotted with delightful in-town stops that are worth checking out when you’re looking for a tranquil place to settle in for a while. Amongst the many options, Sundog Books stands out as one that’s well worth adding to the itinerary while you’re here.

A Literary Take on 30A

Sundog Books is located at 89 Central Square in Santa Rosa Beach and is open to the public daily between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm. Sun Dog Book is easy to spot thanks to its charming exterior often dotted with twinkling lights. It’s not uncommon to see guests settled into the colorful rocking chairs that dot the porch of Sundog Books when you drop by. Here, patrons are invited to spend time reading what they’ve just purchased, enjoying the fresh air as the world passes by.

A World of Reading at Sundog Books

Sundog Books is an independent bookstore in the 30A area that hosts two levels of shelving for guests to browse at their leisure. Inside, visitors will enjoy a tranquil, welcoming, and warm environment complete with a floorplan dotted with tables and chairs to pick and choose between texts of all types! Sundog Books is proud to carry a wide variety of literary options on its shelves featuring everything from travel guides and children’s books to the best of language learning, local publications, and the most recent releases of both fiction and non-fiction titles. The staff on hand are well-versed in what’s available and always happy to help if you’re looking for something specific. Be sure to keep an eye on the events calendar during the time you’re in town to see if that week happens to be hosting an author reading event or a social gathering!

Take Time to Enjoy the Best of 30A

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