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Winter seems to go on forever, in many places lasting through late spring, and as you wake up each morning preparing to face more gloom, wet, and cold, a couple of thoughts may be running through your mind. How long until Memorial Day, and which way to the beach? We at I Love 30A feel your pain and are here to offer some encouragement, because even though the kickoff to summer is still a few months away, NOW is the time to start making your plans and your reservations to stay in one of our sensational summer escapes for Memorial Day on 30A!

Designed for You

Everyone has their own ideas of what makes a vacation rental property a dream come true; some may wish for modern furnishings, high-end kitchens, and views that make them thankful, while others prefer a space built for families. Whatever your dream home away from home looks like, we at I Love 30A have the space that will make your Memorial Day getaway one you will never forget! Featuring kitchens that are the heart of the home, living areas with comfy furniture, state of the art televisions, and views of the Florida landscape that will take your breath away, every minute with us will be one you never want to end.

Sit on the balcony sipping wine and watching the sun sink into the Gulf, hang out by the community pool, gratefully perfecting your tan, (This winter has been SO cold!) or char your favorite meat on the barbecue grill that you may find in the community area of your vacation rental or right in the backyard, depending on which property you rented. At night when the moon is lighting the landscape with an ethereal glow, quiet walks on the white sands that frame turquoise seas will offer the memories you cherish most. Feel the warm waters of the Gulf splashing against your ankles before they recede back, allowing your toes to dig deep in the squishy sands, and let the sounds of the sea lull you into a peaceful state of mind. Finally, when your eyes grow heavy and you know that sleep won’t be far off, you can head back to your I Love 30A Memorial Day escape and slip between the silky soft sheets of our super comfortable beds for a night of sleep you never knew you were capable of!

All-American Activities for Memorial Day on 30A

Memorial Day is a holiday that makes us all proud to be Americans, and the fun you can have here will make this area your new happy place! Young families with toddlers can spend hours building sandcastles on the beach, wading in the warm waters, and napping under beach umbrellas as mom and dad take advantage of the quiet time to read the latest best sellers. Families with tweens may discover the beauty of road trips as they drive along 30A, stopping at the beaches along the way, or finding their way to Shipwreck Island Waterpark for hours of water slides, lazy rivers, and wave pools that mimic the sea without all those pesky sea creatures that can be scary when you aren’t expecting them. But what if you are traveling with teens? Everyone knows this age group can be sulky and poor tempered, especially when taken away from their friends, but we think we have a solution. A visit to Escape Room 60, located in Destin, can take you all away from their moods for at least an hour, longer if you succeed in escaping!

When the Lights Go Down

The fun that can be had in this area of the Gulf doesn’t end with the setting of the sun. The good times continue with visits to Redd’s in Blue Mountain Beach. Offering karaoke nights, live entertainment, specialty cocktails, and a menu filled with burgers, tacos, and barbecue, this sweet spot is a little different than most places found along 30A, primarily because there’s no seafood on the menu! Seeking a more traditional party spot during your 30A travels? The Edge, in Fort Walton Beach, is one of the more popular night spots in this region, staying open until 4 AM on Saturdays and 2 AM on all other nights, allowing guests to party until the sun comes up!

Back Home with I Love 30A

In the current climate, the fears over safety and sanitation can inhibit our going out choices, but when you choose I Love 30A for your vacation escape, staying home can be a party in itself as you barbecue, sing along to your favorite rock music, and feel at home in new spaces! Reserve your stay today and spend your Memorial Day remembering what it was like to travel freely once again!