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Heading towards Florida’s scenic 30A is an exciting and meaningful adventure any time of year you can get away from the hustle and bustle of life to enjoy the fun. That said, there’s something special about a fall trip when the weather takes a turn for the milder and the crowds are a bit less intense. When you’re looking forward to making the most of every moment of your getaway, the following are just a few of our favorite fall activities on 30A to be sure to add to the must-try list!

Visit Fonville Park in Alys Beach

You may not encounter the vibrant changing leaves in 30A that you would elsewhere in the country this time of year, but you can expect milder weather which makes time at Fonville Park in Alys Beach that much more thrilling! Green spaces, and the beauty of nature are on full display for those who are looking forward to connecting with the great outdoors during a fall adventure this direction. In general, Fonville Park is recognized as one of the original Alys Beach parks, giving it some historical relevance that locals and visitors alike will love. If you’re visiting 30A with the entire family in tow, this is a great place to bring the kids who might have some excess energy to burn. It’s also well-suited to the adults who are looking forward to scenic surroundings. As a family, you’ll want to be sure to climb the central hill that the park hosts following the easy-to-navigate pathway. At the summit of the hill, you’re treated to a wonderful view of the town and coastal terrain below. It’s a fun place to take photos, relax, or unwind in style. An activity that’s perfectly suited for fall weather!

Have a Grayton Beach Bonfire

Year-round, Grayton Beach is a 30A favorite stop but there’s just something about that milder fall weather that makes it that much more appealing when you’re an autumn traveler. At Grayton Beach, time on the water is always a thrill but the fun can continue when the sun goes down if you think ahead and book a bonfire experience with the team at 30A Bonfires at the Beach. This group will help you get all set up for a bonfire at the location of your choosing. They’ll have the permit you need and the goodies you’ll count on to make it a s’mores and stars kind of fall evening. Gather your family and friends around the beach bonfire and enjoy a fall moment on 30A you won’t soon forget!

Fantastic Fishing Charters

Fall in Florida still offers up plenty of options for spending time in the great outdoors. For angling enthusiasts, this means that 30A is ideal for casting a line when you make your way here in autumn. If you’re an independent angler, there are plenty of opportunities to rent a vessel and hit the waves at your own pace. If you’re looking for a more guided experience, 30A Fishing Charters can always help. These professionals have everything you need to maximize your fishing fun and are ready and waiting with instructions if it’s your first time out. They’ll show you where to go to get a bite and point out other amazing sights along the way as well.

Sunsets in Seaside

Many travelers profess with passion that sunsets along 30A are more vivid in the fall season, and there’s a good chance they’re right—but you should definitely check it out for yourself! Pair two fun viewing options when you’re in the area by making Seaside your sunset viewing stop for a day. This charming town is designed around an architectural style known as New Urbanism. Here, visitors can walk along cobblestone streets past pastel-front homes complete with white picket fences. The coastline is dotted with delightful pavilions and it’s from one of these that the sunset can be enjoyed. Bring your camera and your sense of admiration and adventure. It promises to be a colorful moment.

Grab at Fall Coffee at Seaside Coffee Roasters Between Activities on 30A

There’s perhaps nothing more quintessentially fall than taking time to sip a savory coffee and notice a little bit of chill in the air. While you might not have much of a chill along 30A this time of year, you can certainly find the flavor! Head over to Seaside Coffee Roasters on N. Holladay Drive in Seaside and take a seat within its charming and welcoming parameters. Whether you order up a cappuccino or a seasonal flavor favorite, you’re sure to be inspired by the palate-pleasing moment that asks you only to indulge. Cheers to your fall getaway!

Book Your 30A Getaway Today

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