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When it comes to scenic and breathtaking getaway destinations, there’s no place that intrigues visitors from near and far quite like the stunning locale known and loved as 30A. This inviting stretch of eye-catching shoreline that graces the northwest coast of Florida is just as well suited to solo travelers looking for off the beaten path adventure as it is to families that are seeking a friendly place to bond, play under the sun and make lifelong memories. Filled with sunshine, fantastic weather, rolling blue waves, and sugar-white sands, 30A makes it easy to settle in and linger longer than you ever planned. While the entirety of 30A is dotted with delightful dining stops, boutique shops to explore, and coastal communities that bring their own flair into the mix, it’s by far the many natural attractions that call to outdoor enthusiasts looking to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air. When you’re headed this way and can’t wait to savor the best of natural sights, be sure to add these exciting 30A attractions to your must-experience list while you’re in town!

Western Lake

Across the expanse of the globe, it’s rare to come across coastal dune lakes, but those that make their way to 30A will find that this area is filled with options to explore these rare natural wonders in abundance! Western Lake is one of the largest the area calls its own and is integrated into the greater Grayton Beach State Park which sprawls over 2,000 acres of land. Stretching all the way to nearby Watercolor, Western Lake feeds a variety of surrounding marshes and wetlands as well, creating a lush and one of a kind landscape worth admiring and exploring.

Point Washington State Forest

Tucked away in the beauty and seclusion of Santa Rosa Beach, Point Washington State Forest is an impressive tribute to how protected natural land can thrive in this area. Accessible off of US-98, the Point Washington State Forest covers 15,131 acres of land and was purchased under the state’s conservation and recreation lands program in 1992. This state forest is managed with a focus on wildlife conservation, timber, and ecological restoration in equal parts. In total, Point Washington State Forest hosts 10 specific ecological communities ranging from wet flatlands and prairie to cypress swamps, sandhills, and basin swamps. Point Washington State Forest is also home to a variety of plants and animals that are listed as endangered including the gopher tortoise, flatwoods salamander, American kestrel, Curtiss sand grass, and white-topped pitcher plant.

Blue Mountain Beach

While there are several stretches of shoreline belonging to communities along 30A that boast their own natural attractions to enjoy and admire, Blue Mountain Beach is truly a one of a kind stop. While it sits at a mere 65 feet above sea level, Blue Mountain Beach enjoys the title as South Walton’s highest point of elevation. Blue Mountain Beach is also home to a collection of natural sand dunes, many of which are covered in blue Lupine flowers that set a rather whimsical tone as they sway in the shoreline breeze. It’s from these flowers that the area earned its name and visitors to Blue Mountain Beach will find they offer up the perfect natural backdrop for photos when you’re visiting.

Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

Situated at 7525 W. County Highway near Santa Rosa Beach, Topsail Hill Preserve State Park is a pristine natural attraction for outdoor enthusiasts to savor during their one of a kind getaway. Named for its breathtaking quartz dunes that rise out of and around the surrounding water, Topsail Hill hosts the very natural landmarks that are behind the creation of some of the area’s rare coastal dune lakes. These freshwater lakes formed by dunes are accompanied by a rich and diverse lineup of aquatic life and feed nearby pine forests and wetlands alike. The vast and versatile landscape of this protected preserve lends itself to be a haven for some of the area’s endangered animal species like the Choctawhatchee Beach Mouse. It’s also a place where endangered plant species such as Pitcher plants are found to be thriving as well. Within the branches of old-growth longleaf pines and sand pine scrub, migratory and local birds find a place to live, raise young and move along throughout the course of each and every year. The 3 miles of shoreline that call this preserve home also beckon to bird species of many types.

Enjoy the Best of 30A

Whether you’re in the area to make the most of the beautiful natural attractions, take advantage of fun in town, can’t wait to savor the many flavors or a combination of it all—the team at I Love 30A has the vacation rental to keep you close to the fun. Be sure to contact us today to learn more about our variety of property options in the area and to begin turning vacation plans into a Florida-bound reality this year!