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The year 2020 has had a way of keeping the world on its toes and keeping us all in exactly the same place simultaneously. As COVID-19 raged across the global scene, people across the U.S. and world found themselves faced with unprecedented hurdles while at the same time, stuck inside in an effort to stay safe, healthy, and protect others as well.

With New Year’s around the corner, it’s likely that just about everyone is more than ready to shake off the old this year and welcome in something refreshing and new. If you’re a person who could do with swapping out the end of the year cold for a sunnier place to call your own, consider making your way to 30A in the name of the New Year’s holiday!

The Ideal New Year’s Destination Awaits This New Year’s In 30A

A trip to 30A over New Year’s provides travelers with the right amount of space and open landscapes to social distance during a stay while still remaining far from those environments we’ve been closed up in for months on end. Along 30A, there are no feelings of claustrophobia this New Year’s but instead, visitors will find blue sky, white sand beaches, emerald waves, and the potential for endless sunshine! When you commit to a New Year’s trip to 30A, you sign up for options for fun that can be enjoyed safely while still in the company of those you care about most in the world. When you’re ready to travel and can’t wait to put an amazing New Year’s itinerary in place, the following are just a few of many options available to give your New Year’s experience the sunny boost it deserves with a touch of inspiration included too!

Grab a Bike and Hit the Trails

The scenery that defines the stretch of highway known as 30A is bright, beautiful, and endlessly intriguing. While it can be viewed from the comfort of a vehicle, there’s something refreshing about taking to two wheels and discovering bike trails that maze through this area at the same time. When you’re looking to stretch your legs and head out on a New Year’s adventure filled with spectacular terrain, the 30A Bike trail is the place to start. There are many local companies that offer bike rentals to fit your every need, making it simple to customize your trail time according to preference. This trail boasts 19 miles of paved pathway that connect many of the coastal communities. Spend a few hours exploring or turn it into a full-day experience.

Check out the Coastal Dune Lakes at Grayton Beach

Searching the world over, explorers will find a handful of destinations where coastal dune lakes exist. Fortunately for travelers headed to 30A over the New Year’s holiday, this is one of them. If you’re up for encounters with rare and wonderful natural landmarks, make your way to Grayton Beach with a paddleboard in hand. Here, you’ll have the option to get out on the water in style and be part of some of nature’s finest work—a truly fascinating way to begin 2021!

Book a Dolphin Spotting Cruise

Land-based adventures in 30A over New Year’s are plentiful, but so are opportunities to get out and enjoy time on the waves. When you could really go for a magical encounter to lift your spirits, consider booking time on a dolphin-spotting cruise and let nature lead the way to happiness! These cruises are offered throughout 30A and carry passengers out to those areas where dolphins and other marine mammals are likely to be spotted. On any given day, you just might catch a glimpse of one of these amazing creatures leaping through the water at incredible speeds. Don’t forget your camera for this adventure as it’s surely one you’ll want to look back on long after the clock has struck midnight on January 1st.

Wander Through Seaside

A trip to 30A over New Year’s provides a unique opportunity to settle yourself within surroundings that are picture-book idyllic. This is easily achieved when you set aside time during your journey for a simple stroll through the community of Seaside. Here New Urbanism architecture is at its very best and visitors will be thrilled by the white picket fences, lovely waterfront gazebos, and pastel-painted homes that surround them. To top it all off, much of the destination is covered in charming cobblestones, helping guests feel that they’ve stepped back in time.

Make Your Way to Sunny Florida

This year take matters into your own hands and let fun, hope, and new adventures lead the way into a brand new 2021. When you’re ready to enjoy it all, the team at I Love 30A has the rental accommodations you deserve ready and waiting to welcome you to it. Contact us today for more information and to start planning your holiday adventure this New Year’s in 30A!