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When it’s time to unwind and restore the mind and body in style, many travelers set their sights on sunny and sandy destinations that bring the tropical vibe in abundance. When it comes to places where it’s possible to savor a relaxing moment or enjoy outdoor adventure at its finest, all in weather that’s endless inviting, there’s no better place to vacation than stunning 30A.

This beautiful and inviting destination along the Florida coast is known and loved for its scenery, charming communities, and a long list of options for getting out and exploring whenever the desire strikes. While summer along 30A is fantastic and winter comes with time far from the snow, fall promises to be just as intriguing with fewer crowds to contend with and all of the potential of a summer trip waiting at your fingertips. Here are a few ideas for expanding your fall 30A vacation itinerary:

Savor a Sandy Day at Miramar Beach

It’s likely that a sun-soaked and shoreline experience tops every traveler’s list to 30A when the fall season rolls around and fortunately, this part of Florida has a lot to offer in the way of inviting options. When you’re looking to make the most of a day under the sun with your toes dug into the sand, grab your beach chair and umbrella and head over to fantastic Miramar Beach. This scenic and friendly area of 30A is a great place to enjoy time watching the waves roll in, working on that golden Florida tan, or simply enjoying time building a sandcastle with the kids.

Snorkel Inlet Beach

While above-ground activities are always available when you travel to 30A during the fall, this destination’s year-round reputation for great weather means there’s no reason not to jump in the water and explore as well! If you’re the type of traveler that can’t wait to get into the waves and enjoy encounters with marine animal and plant life, a stop at Inlet Beach is definitely for you during this getaway. Grab your snorkel gear and get ready for an amazing opportunity to view colorful tropical fish, vibrant reefs and perhaps even a sea turtle and dolphin or two! This area enjoys gentle surf, making it a great place for snorkelers of all skill levels to maximize their time in the water and overall experience.

Savor Time Admiring Seaside

If your idea of the perfect getaway begins with visions of picturesque waterfront towns coming to life before your very eyes, a stroll through Seaside can make that dream come true. This charming destination is great for the traveler with a passion for architecture and design who also appreciate natural beauty along the way. Seaside was designed to reflect the appeal of New Urbanism and guests are often thrilled to encounter everything from cobblestone streets and intricate pavilions overlooking the water to homes that are painted pastel and lined with white picket fences. While it’s possible to shop and dine here, many are simply intrigued by taking a stroll and admiring this postcard-worthy destination in detail.

Take to the 30A Bike Trail

There’s no shortage of route options through 30a for the traveler that likes to adventure on two wheels but perhaps the most accessible and well-known is the 30A Bike Trail. This connective route provides a way for cyclists to not only enjoy their surroundings while exercising but to make their way through several of the small communities that make up this area. Whether you’re taking time to unwind and photograph the scenery or can’t wait to indulge in the many differences that define these coastal communities, biking along 30A is sure to inspire and this particular path offers up 19 miles of fun to be enjoyed.

Admire the Wall Art at Grayton Beach

You don’t have to pay admission to get into a museum or gallery when you travel to 30A this fall to make the most of an artistic and creative moment. Those that find themselves in Grayton Beach specifically will be thrilled by the opportunity to admire what’s fondly referred to as the Grayt Wall of Art. Grayton Beach has long been home to artists and musicians and this community-based art wall is the perfect addition to this inspiring setting. Designed by local artists and added to often, the Grayt Wall of Art is an ever-changing design worth taking time to observe!

A Fun Florida Escape

When 30A calls, the team at I Love 30A is here to make sure guests have the accommodations they deserve to elevate their trip from start to finish. When you’re ready to start planning, contact us to learn more about our many rental properties in the area and the additional services we provide. We can’t wait to welcome you to sunny Florida!